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Michael Nadeau

Entrepreneurial Consulting Solutions

Michael R. Nadeau

Early in his career, owner and founder Michael Nadeau recognized a passion for health and wellness. An entrepreneur at heart, Michael saw an opportunity to positively impact the health of the masses through the corporate world



Michael founded a workplace wellness company called Viverae in 2003. Using the latin word Viva, meaning to live, this company was an amazing experience that helped transform lives. Today that passion continues building companies that impact peoples lives. Eleven Wellness, Eleven IV Therapy, and for those who have the same passion for motorsports and racing, Eleven Motorsports.

After it’s founding, Michael grew the company to over $55 million in revenue in just 13 years. When Viverae traded to Virgin Pulse in 2016, Michael still felt the urge to help people live their best lives.

Eleven IV


When he personally started receiving IV therapy treatment, Michael quickly felt improvements to his brain health, metabolism, athletic recovery and immune support. With a wife and 4 young kids, a rigorous travel schedule for many years and some extreme hobbies, IV therapy was an effective way to take care of his body on the cellular level. Seeing a quick impact in himself made him think about the impact on a larger audience.

In January of 2018, the first location of Eleven IV opened within the walls of the newly rebranded Eleven Wellness med spa near Preston Center in Dallas. Two and a half short years later, the med spa business has tripled and Eleven IV has 3 locations.

Eleven Motorsports

In the midst of growing these two businesses in Dallas, Michael never gave up his passion for motorsports. His entrepreneurial brain wouldn’t quiet, even on the track, and he once again saw a hole, this time in the motorsports industry. During his time spent at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, Texas, he found like-minded individuals like himself: adrenaline junkies with financial means, limited time to enjoy their hobby and lacking the heavily technical knowledge of the bikes themselves. Out of these issues, Michael created Eleven Motorsports, a concierge motorsport organization that sources, services, transports and stores these high-dollar toys and allows owners to simply “show up and ride.” magna.

Why Eleven?

Humans have an innate desire to always want more. In today’s world, even just to maintain, you can’t rely on what you did yesterday. Without companies like Apple, Google, Disney or Amazon, there would be no innovation. We are in a constant state of moving forward.

Eleven is an aspiration to always be better. A reminder that innovation never sleeps. A prompt to never settle. Eleven represents the notion that there are always more possibilities.

People (at least those over age 40) often ask if it’s a Spinal Tap reference. We do love that movie, but no, it didn’t start there. Take the humor away and ask yourself, why can’t it go louder? Why does it have to stop there? We think it can always go louder. We are never going to stop.

New Problems. New Solutions.

Now running 3 dynamic companies, Michael was experiencing new issues that he had not seen in the corporate world. Each operation had less than 10 employees and while they were each successful in their own right, they were not of a size yet that they required a full time, in-house HR department or marketing support. However, the need for management, employee resources and services such as accounting or insurance, along with the branding, messaging, deployment and engagement of each business was still important and after going through several local agencies, Michael and his employees continued to be disappointed in the services they received.

Out of these struggles, it should be no surprise that another set of businesses were born. Eleven Management and another portfolio company, Eleven Collective.

Eleven Management is an investment firm and management firm that assist with providing essential management, financial and human resources services to all of the portfolio companies.

Eleven Collective serves as an external marketing department for businesses and brands who can’t or don’t employ full-time marketing staff. They provide anything from basic brand messaging to help you get your feet on the ground to day-to-day marketing and digital media services.

Portfolio Companies

With 5 portfolio companies: Eleven Collective, Eleven IV, Eleven Motorsports, Eleven Wellness and Engineering 11. Each of these portfolio companies operates at a more efficient level because of the ability to share services and resources.

His most recent venture, Engineering 11. After assembling a top tier team of developers and designers to build CNect and other software products, Michael found a way to “Engineer Simple.” Engineering 11 builds, operates and maintains software platforms across a variety of industries and together with Eleven Collective, provide comprehensive, cost-effective marketing solutions to both startup and established brands.

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